Dear SLO Democrats –

The time is NOW to make a difference in SLO County! Join us to Get Out the Vote for the candidates who have stepped up to make SLO the best it can be.

This election is the most  critical one SLO County has seen in years.

If we want a County government that functions for the PEOPLE, we need Jimmy Paulding and Bruce Gibson.

If we want a criminal justice system that honors basic human decency and integrity, we need Greg Clayton for Sheriff/Coroner and Judge Mike Cummins for District Attorney

If we want courts that are just and fair, we need Judge Hernaldo Baltodano and Commissioner Tim Covello.

We need your help! Stop by the office (75 Higuera St., #110, SLO)where you can:

  • Pick up a list of people who might need a reminder to vote or help getting to the polls
  • Call Democratic voters to answer their questions or remind them to vote
  • Participate in a ‘Honk and Wave’ on Election Day
  • Pick up yard signs and candidate information

BE PART OF WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT SLO! Let’s get these candidates into office where they can bring POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Rosemary Wrenn, Chair