Dear Friends,

We are proud to support Heidi Harmon for a second term as Mayor of San Luis Obispo. We strongly encourage you to vote for her by mail or on Nov. 6.

We believe Heidi has earned your vote. During her first term as mayor, she has provided visionary, inclusive leadership and played a key role in:

  1. Promoting responsible financial planning and budget balancing.
  2. Advancing policies that will provide housing for the next generation of the city’s residents, recognizing the critical imperative for our children to live, learn and work in the city where they were born.
  3. Protecting and expanding the city’s treasured open spaces.
  4. Prioritizing climate change, setting policy for the city to be carbon neutral by 2035, one of the most ambitious goals in the nation.
  5. Expanding alternative transportation options for all residents.

By contrast, her opponent is campaigning to undo these forward-thinking accomplishments. Keith Gurnee’s own words, as published in The Tribune and online, show his true beliefs:

  • “What this (Women’s March & Progressive) movement is about is an ideological dictatorship determined to force its will upon the rest of us.” “These ideological zealots are determined to do whatever it takes to get their own way, representative democracy be damned…(It’s) a borderline cult.”
  • County Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam are “little more than whining political eunuchs.”
  • “The Democrats’ supermajority is turning California into the ‘State of Insanity.’”
  • And he accused organizers of the SLO Women’s March of repurposing “their so-called march into an ideological political rally.”

He sounds and thinks a lot like Donald Trump – and his Trumpian approach to this important job would be a disaster for the city.

Meanwhile, Heidi has been busy making a positive difference in the lives of every resident of the City of San Luis Obispo. She knows that making progress on today’s challenging issues is hard, so she works tirelessly to bring people together. We’re starting to see the benefits of her leadership.

Heidi Harmon has earned a second term as mayor – and she deserves your support.

Please vote for Heidi Harmon on or before November 6.


Salud Carbajal, US Congressman
Bill Monning, State Senator
Bruce Gibson, 2nd District County Supervisor
Adam Hill, 3rd District County Supervisor
Aaron Gomez, SLO City Council Member
Andy Pease, SLO City Council Member
Dan Rivoire, SLO City Council Member
Jeff Lee, Grover Beach City Council Member
Mariam Shah, Grover Beach City Council Member
John Ashbaugh, Former SLO City Council Member
Dawn Addis, Candidate for Morro Bay City Council
Rosemary Wrenn, Chair, SLO County Democratic Party
Pat Harris, Former Chair, SLO County Democratic Party
Central Coast Labor Council, – Representing 70,000 Local Workers
CA Nurses Association
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

For more information about her opponent’s track record of anti-Democratic values see: The Truth About Keith Gurnee