If there was ever any doubt the local Republican Party is in lockstep with Donald Trump, the contents of mailboxes across the county today confirm that they have adopted his deceitful, bullying approach to campaigning. Both Debbie Arnold and Stacy Korsgaden should be held to account for the ridiculous smear campaigns they are waging against their opponents. Their tactics reek of the most rudimentary forms of propaganda – those employed by Putin and his predecessors.

With a degree in Russian Studies I am all too familiar with the Soviet Union and the disaster of oligarchy. These disgusting ads are nothing short of the tactics employed by Stalin’s disinformation campaigns.

This is not ok. Debbie Arnold and Stacy Korsgaden have nothing positive to say about themselves, so just like Trump, they are trying to distract the electorate with twisted mistruths. Shame on them.

Rosemary Wrenn
Chair, SLO County Democratic Party