MAY 28, 2020

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party is very proud of our community’s response to COVID-19 and the hard working, civil-minded and courageous people who rise every day to meet the challenges of this pandemic.

It has taken discipline and sacrifice to, so far, successfully “flatten the curve” by following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wise guidelines of initially sheltering in place and temporarily closing our public spaces and businesses. Thanks to these sensible measures we have saved lives, an achievement that allows our county to carefully implement Stage 2 of our State’s “Resilience Roadmap,” steps that permit in-store shopping and dining in restaurants. Yes, we are proud.

Of course, the work continues, because the coronavirus pandemic remains a deadly threat and it would be irresponsible to forget that.

Going forward, we strongly support efforts that encourage wearing face masks, practicing social distancing and staying at home for those who have the ability to do so.

We salute Women’s March SLO’s new initiative #WearAMaskSLOCounty, which encourages everyone to continue, or start, wearing a face-covering in public. We applaud our county’s health agency recommendation that we limit tourism to protect public health (County Public Health, May 15, 2020, “County of SLO Takes Steps to Protect Public Health by Limiting Tourism”).

We commend The Tribune for its editorial of May 13, 2020, (“SLO County GOP demands that Newsom reopen California. That’s so not helpful”) that correctly criticizes the efforts of a few individuals to politicize our community’s response to COVID-19. Rather than entertaining notions of civil disobedience — and clearly taking cues from the current incumbent of our White House, who calls the pandemic a “Democratic hoax” — now, more than ever, is the time for civility and cool heads.

The virus has no political party.

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party stands with science and shoulder-to-shoulder with every conscientious, law-abiding citizen. As we reopen our county and the wave of summer tourism arrives, as we enjoy our beautiful community together, we must keep up the good work and remain alert to behavior that threatens our public health and the vitality of our businesses. Our priority, our obligation to our neighbors, is to stay healthy.

Rita Casaverde is chair of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party. Ellen Beraud and Gabriel Granados are vice chairs.

Tribune article:

MAY 28, 2020 11:57 AM , UPDATED MAY 28, 2020 07:09 PM