Image that says "Your Vote is Your Voice. June 2022 Primary"

The June 7 Primary Election is only 120 days away! The Primary matters more locally than the November election, so we need to unite and focus. 

Our Election Priorities

Our top electoral priority is electing Jimmy Paulding to the Board of Supervisors, voting out Lynn Compton and preserving the seats currently held by Bruce Gibson and Dawn Ortiz-Legg. The right wing majority on the current Board has been a disaster for SLO County. From waste management to water management, voting rights to civil rights, environmental protection to public health, the disaster that is the County jail and the disaster that is the DA’s office, this Board keeps going from bad to worse. We can change this.

Combatting Voter Suppression

The MAGA Faction of the Board of Supervisors is continuing their assault on our freedom to vote in ways both plainly obvious and cunningly covert. They crammed an obviously flawed, unpopular and possibly illegal map of new supervisorial districts down our throats. Prior to that, they drove County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong out of town and tried to install their hand-picked partisan favorite, Stewart Jenkins, in his place.

In case you missed it, Jenkins is Lynn Compton’s personal election lawyer. When it looked like Compton might lose her seat on the Board of Supervisors to Jimmy Paulding in 2018, Jenkins sued Tommy Gong to try to stop him from counting all the votes. Do we want Jenkins in charge of the whole thing next time around? Not a chance. The incumbent, who was appointed to replace Gong, is a highly qualified and well-experienced elections official who’s never shown a trace of partisanship or partiality. She deserves to continue in the job.

Take Action

Take the time to ensure that you and everyone in your household is registered and ready to vote. This will be another 100% Vote By Mail election. Ballots should be sent out around May 9. If you’re not registered or need to update your address, do so now at the official Secretary of State website.

Make sure to spread the word about how important it will be to vote in the Primary Election! We turned out in record numbers in 2018 and 2020 and we can do it again. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your coworkers. In order to protect our freedom to vote and have a real say in the decisions that impact us directly, we need to turn out every Democratic voter.