Heading that says "Day of Action - Leave No Voter Behind"

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our North County Day of Action!

Thanks to you, we reached more than 2000 North County Democrats in just a few hours!  A diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences united to counter the growing right wing extremism in our county. Together, we’re marshaling our political power to build community and create opportunity and hope for everyone.

What We Accomplished

In just one day, we knocked on 500 doors representing 700 Democratic voters in key precincts! We had direct conversations with 140 voters, provided information on the June election and listened to their key concerns. At every door we left information about the coming elections (in both English and Spanish) and promoted the candidacy of Bruce Gibson for District 2 Supervisor. In addition to canvassing, our volunteers sent 1300 postcards to recently registered voters to welcome them to the Democratic Party and encourage them to Be a Voter in Every Election.

Many brave new volunteers were out there for the first time and found that it fun and exciting. First time canvasser Camille Katz said:

“It was FANTASTIC! Dems here in North County feel like they are floundering in a red sea. I think knocking on their doors to let them know they are not alone was such a breath of fresh air for the Atascadero Democratic community.”

Who We Have to Thank

This effort was led by the SLOCDP Voter Engagement Subcommittee North County Action Team and core leaders Kris Beal, Carey Alvord, Elena Garcia, Gaylene Ewing, Susana Lopez, and Camille Katz. Special thanks to Dan Cook and the Atascadero Democratic Club for handling the pies and event logistics, and to Barbara Wisehart and the Paso Robles Democratic Club for recruiting our postcarders. We were also lucky to join with diverse community groups for the planning and execution of this event: Paso People’s Action, Paso Robles DEI Education Committee, Progressive Parents of the Central Coast, Cal Poly, and more. Finally, we couldn’t have done it without our awesome Cal Poly student interns Kylie Barkle, Annika Edwards, and Max Blanchard. This truly was a grassroots effort!

What’s Next

We still have a lot of work to do to educate voters about the coming elections. Many registered voters had no idea about the June election or what was at stake. We have to engage our voter base to educate them about the elections, learn about their concerns, and emphasize the power of their vote.

Want to get involved? We need your help ensuring that our voter engagement efforts are successful. Have conversations with your neighbors, friends, and family. Make sure they know about the June election and are registered to vote. Encourage them to join us. Find out what matters to them. Educate them on the elections and issues. Our network of friends can win an election.

Can you knock on doors and talk to voters? Can you write letters and postcards? Help with graphic design? Can you help in other ways? There are lots of little and big things that need to be done.


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