The stakes couldn’t be higher in these midterm elections:

Reproductive Rights

Here in California, Proposition 1 will ensure that reproductive rights are protected by our state constitution. We need to make the same kind of loud statement here in California that the voters of Kansas just made regarding these rights.

Senate Majority

Across the nation, in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia, we have the chance to expand our Senate majority but we also face the serious risk that Trump Republicans could win and help MAGA extremists take over Congress.

Local Offices

Board of Supervisors
That same national dynamic is occurring right here in SLO County, where a MAGA extremist threatens incumbent Bruce Gibson’s seat on the County Board of Supervisors. This Republican-endorsed radical has celebrated the overturning of Roe v Wade and praised the Don’t Say Gay Bill passed by Florida fascists. He openly denies the threat of climate change and opposes even the most basic gun safety policies like red flag laws and universal background checks. Even as we showed Lynn Compton the door, we must ensure that Supervisor Bruce Gibson holds his seat. If not, we’ll face an even more extreme Trump-Putin-Peschong brand of fascism in SLO County over the next four years.

School Boards
A group of QAnon conspirators, science deniers, bookburners, and insurrectionists have targeted our school boards countywide with a slate of MAGA candidates who want to turn our classrooms into the next battlefield in their culture wars. From Paso Robles to Nipomo, they want to divide us against each other instead of building a brighter future for our children. They want to destroy the public school system and tear down the wall separating church and state. It is an attempt to drag us all backward to the 19th Century, rather than helping to prepare all children—no matter their race, religion, or zip code—for success in the 21st Century .

What We Can Do

SLO County voters need to know just how radical the MAGA faction’s agenda really is. It’s going to take all of us to defeat these extremists up and down the ballot in November. SLOCDP is gearing up to knock on doors, make phone calls, send texts, advertise in local media, and otherwise support our candidates between now and November.
With only 3 months until the election, we have to go on offense.

We need your help. Chip in to help fund our crucial election work and fight to defeat the current MAGA majority on our Board of Supervisors and the MAGA minority that wants to control our bodies and our minds.


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