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Commit to Win!

The Reality of Our Situation It’s been a rough winter and the future can feel pretty grim. The centrists at the helm of the national Democratic Party may fail to enact the agenda we all voted for. In the face of a profoundly undemocratic system and with some...

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Help Us Raise $25,000 by May 1

We Need Your Help! We’ve set a goal to raise $25,000 by May 1 and we’re not there yet. We need these funds to continue to register new Democratic voters, advertise in the media, print voter guides and other educational materials, conduct phone and text banks, canvas...

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North County Day of Action

Worried about who’s taking over our school boards, Board of Supervisors and critical elections offices? You should be! But we’re not powerless in the face of those who want to turn our classrooms and public offices into the next battleground in endless culture wars....

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Gearing up for the June Primary

The June 7 Primary Election is only 120 days away! The Primary matters more locally than the November election, so we need to unite and focus.  Our Election Priorities Our top electoral priority is electing Jimmy Paulding to the Board of Supervisors, voting out Lynn...

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