Dining Under the Stars – A Fine Country Evening

May 11, 2024 | Paso Robles

Don’t miss this powerhouse gathering of SLO County’s top elected leaders – two congressmen, two state senators, two Assembly members, county supervisors, local elected folks and a VIP keynoter. State Senator John Laird will emcee for a relaxed, alfresco evening of fine food, fixins and fitting music from SLO County’s legendary Monte Mills Band. Come as you are – no need to gussy up.


a farmhouse is illuminated by light at the Chandler Ranch

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Every year it gets harder and harder for working people to get by. Wages have stayed stagnant and the cost of everyday expenses like healthcare, housing, and education are rapidly rising. The result is a disappearing middle class. Together we are fighting back, working everyday to reform a system rigged against the people.

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As the local Democratic Party, the SLOCDP stands for the overarching tenets of Dignity, Stewardship, Integrity, and the active pursuit of Social, Economic, & Environmental Justice for all, by engaging the community through participation in the democratic process.

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