What We Stand For

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP), also referred to as the SLO County Democratic Central Committee, is the official governing body of the Democratic Party within our County.


As the local Democratic Party, the SLOCDP stands for the overarching tenets of Dignity, Stewardship, Integrity, and the active pursuit of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice for all, by engaging the community through participation in the democratic process.


As the voice of the Democratic Party in San Luis Obispo County, the mission of the Committee is to support and elect Democratic candidates and to promote Democratic values and principles in San Luis Obispo County.


The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Elect Democratic candidates who reflect Democratic Party values
  • Register Democratic voters
  • Raise money
  • Organize and support local Democratic clubs
  • To perform such other duties and services as will benefit the Democratic Party in and for San Luis Obispo County

How is the SLOCDP Part of The Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party has 4 main components:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the Democratic Party’s national governing body. In general, it works on presidential elections and national party building activities and provides support to state parties. The DNC is comprised of state party chairs and vice-chairs, as well as over 200 DNC members who are elected by each state party.

State Democratic parties, like the California Democratic Party, are the official governing bodies within each state. They work on state-wide party building and endorse candidates for state races as well as their representatives to Congress. The California Democratic Party is comprised of reps from County Democratic parties, elected Assembly District Delegates, and elected officials & their appointees.

County Democratic parties, like the SLOCDP are the official governing bodies within each County. They are responsible for local elections and endorsements of local candidates (County-level and down). The SLOCDP is comprised of elected members, elected officials, appointees, and representatives of Chartered Democratic Clubs.

Democratic Clubs, like the 8 that are chartered by SLOCDP, are the activist grassroots of the party. They hold events, organize in cities and neighborhoods, and have representation in the Democratic Party endorsement process. Any member of the public can join a chartered club (subject to each club’s bylaws).