Meet the Team


Our party officers who are elected by the membership at large.
Tom Fulks

Portrait of Tom Fulks


Dona Hare Price

Dona stands in the ocean with a sun hat on clasping her hands and smiling for the camera


Monica Schechter

Monica Schechter wears a hat and a plaid jacket.


Jamie Maraviglia

Recording Secretary

Barry Price

Corresponding Secretary

Debra Stakes


Mary Strobridge

State Party Executive Board Representative


The Central Committee is the governing body of the County Democratic Party. There are about 50 members, including local Democratic office holders, State Central Committee members, folks elected to represent their County supervisorial districts, a representative of each chartered Democratic club, and a few others. Check out Article III of the SLOCDP Bylaws and Chapter 4 of the State Elections Code for the gory details.

The Central Committee’s job is to build the party, engage voters, promote Democratic values, and elect Democrats to office. We endorse (or don’t endorse) Democratic candidates, raise money, work on campaigns, and engage in various community activities to support and amplify important policies, programs, or community organizations. The Central Committee is led by a team of Executive Officers elected by the membership.