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January 20, 2018

Happy 2018! 

Yes, ‘happy’. This is the year for Democrats to step up, speak out, and to win back our government for the People! 

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP) is off to an energetic start for this election year, endorsing County Supervisor candidates Bruce Gibson (D2) and Jimmy Paulding (D4) to take back the Board of Supervisors for the people of this county. We heartily support these two intelligent, experienced, logical candidates to not only represent the residents of their districts, but to work for progress and equity throughout the county. The future of our county depends on the success of these two candidates. 

On March 10, we will reconvene a lost tradition – the County Convention. This half-day event designed to ‘Inspire.Empower.Mobilize’ will feature a Candidate Meet and Greet, inspirational keynote speakers, and breakout sessions on everything from running for office to finding a campaign to work on, improving speaking skills, and how to be a successful activist. 

Democrats from throughout SLO County have stepped up to run for office. There are over 100 office openings on the ballot in 2018. We have created a toolkit for any individual who would like to give public office a try – the main legal qualification is that you are a registered voter in your jurisdiction. The real main qualification is that you care and that you are ready to do something to improve the situation of your community. 

There are chartered Democratic clubs throughout the county – check them out – one is right for you. These clubs are the perfect place to get to know your neighbors and those who share your Democratic values. Check out the Clubs page on our site. 

2018 is our year. Step up. Speak out. Pitch in. We can do this by working together and taking action. Democrats are the Party of the People – let’s do this.

Rosemary Wrenn