The State of California identified a major need for capital investments in transportation infrastructure throughout the State and came to a solution; SB1 Road Repair and Accountability Act AKA the Gas Tax.

The tax has added an estimated $1.2 billion for transportation infrastructure projects for fiscal year (2018-2019). On June 27, 2018, the California Transportation Commission posted the initial report of cities and counties with approved projects for the first year. Of the 2228 projects approved for cities and counties, 20 are planned within SLO County including fixing the Y at Cholome on Hwy 41 / Hwy 46, better known as Blood Alley.

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham has been very vocal about his desire and support of fixing the HWY to avoid additional deaths due to bad infrastructure. His campaign website states “Fixing the issues on Highway 41/46 has been a primary focus of mine since I was elected,” Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham said. “This section of highway is critical to our economy, but currently has a fatality rate that is three times the state average. These investments will save lives.”

And yet, now that funding has been secured with the State, Jordan continues to rail against the Gas Tax. He initially voted against the measure when it was before him in the assembly and continues to state he does not support the initiate.

Jordan, do you really want to prevent future deaths and fix blood alley as soon as possible?

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