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We Need Your Help!

We’ve set a goal to raise $25,000 by May 1 and we’re not there yet. We need these funds to continue to register new Democratic voters, advertise in the media, print voter guides and other educational materials, conduct phone and text banks, canvas and more to help get out the vote for our endorsed candidates during the elections of June and November 2022.

Our Plan

Given the latest court rulings around our gerrymandered supervisorial district maps, we need to work harder than ever. We need to organize and build grassroots strength in SLO County to counteract a bonkers GOP that believes a violent insurrection instigated by the worst sore loser in history is “legitimate political discourse.” But all this organizing and power building costs money and we need your help now to reach our fundraising goal of $25,000 by May 1.

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Why It’s Important

Here’s what’s on the line if we don’t reach our goal:

  • The MAGA faction’s efforts to rig our local elections will escalate.
  • All our best efforts to address climate change and deliver clean, reliable, renewable energy will be thwarted.
  • The efforts to provide affordable homes and critical social services desperately needed by those who call this county home will continue to go unmet and underfunded.
  • We’ll see more recall attempts and intimidation of elected officials, as the MAGA faction escalates their efforts to turn our classrooms and government offices into the latest battlegrounds in their never-ending culture war.

Don’t wait!! Please contribute now so we can continue to resist the on-going insurrection and build Democratic power in SLO County. Thank you!

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